What are the advantages of a fixed blade knife?

Fixed Blade Pocket Knife
Charlie Cooper / Updated: Apr 7th 2020 / Knives

Fixed blade knife, the trusty sharp and stabby companion of any hunter and outdoorsy person whilst also being hugely popular amongst knife collectors and enthusiast. Fixed blade knives are knives that are static in place and can’t be folded like foldable blade knives such as a Swiss Army knife. Known for their strength and durability, these knives are posses many advantages.

The strength and durability is the main advantage and why they’re so popular amongst the outdoorsy and hunting community with fixed blade knives being able to undertake rougher tasks. Tasks such as splitting wood, digging and skinning a large animal are all able to be completed with a fixed blade. Undertaking such tasks with a foldable pocket knife may result in the task not being able to be completed, completed in a longer time frame or even breakage to the knife. Fixed Blade knives are just much stronger, they’re the Arnold Schwarzenegger or knives.

The time it’s takes to deploy a knife in a survival situation can be all it takes between whether you survive or unfortunately perish. In a fight or flight scenario, you will want to whip your knife out ready to protect yourself as fast as you possibly can, the milliseconds will matter. With a foldable knife, it will take longer to deploy the knife in comparison to a fixed blade which is much easier to deploy, an advantage in those scenarios and in general.

The maintenance of a knife can be a massive pain, a not so enjoyable task that has to be done if wanting to keep your knife looking pristine. Having a knife that is easier to clean is a bonus and in general fixed blades are much easier to clean and maintain.

Fixed blade knives are one of the premier types of knives that have more advantages than a game of tennis!.