Best blogs for watch enthusiasts

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Charlie Cooper / Updated: Apr 6th 2020 / Watches

Blogs are everywhere. They’re starting their own French Revolution and overthrowing the traditional media norm of magazines and newspaper articles, revolutionising how we read on topics we enjoy. You will now find almost all the articles and things that you want to read or research online through blogs. There are blogs for literally everything regardless of how niche an interest is.

As amazing as it is to have easy access to articles and posts all from your beloved device, it can also be overwhelming having so many options to choose from. It can get stressful trying to find the right ones and the best ones for your interests. Watch blogs are no different.

When looking for a watch blog you can even be more specific into what type of watches you’re into. One of the best specific watch blogs is Bob’s Watches Rolex Blog. A blog on Bob’s Watches that is primarily a blog for all things Rolex it does features articles here and there for other companies. It’s no question this is one of the best blogs for watch enthusiasts who are into their Rolexes with Bob’s Watches being dedicated to everything Rolex, from news to latest auctions.

Hodinkee is another blog that can certainly be categorised as one of the best. The New York City-based blog is home to writers and staff who provide timeless intuition into the mechanics and history of many watches, especially the most known watches.

The Time Bum blog won’t bum you out with their insight into watches. Geared towards people who don’t have thousands of dollars to spend on a watch, this blog is an impeccable read ranging on its topics from basic Timex watches to the more expensive watches.

These three blogs are some of the best blogs for watch enthusiasts however blogs such as Worn and Wound, Watch Time and A Blog To Watch are equally as good! Whatever you want to read about, there will be a watch blog for you.