Best EDC lighters (Gas & Plasma)

Zippo Lighter Flame
Charlie Cooper / Updated: Jun 15th 2020 / Lighters

Lighters are a useful tool to include in your everyday carry that can be used for a number of purposes (not just lighting cigarettes). The best EDC lighters are not only practical but also stylish. If you’re looking for a new lighter check out some of our best finds below.

Zippo Armor Deep Carve Lighter | $65.00

Zippo Armor Lighter
  • Fuel – Butane
  • Case – Brass
  • Weight – 2.4oz
  • Color – Multiple Colors

Zippo’s Armor range features all metal construction around 1.5 times thicker than a standard Zippo lighter. The thicker case allows for deeper carving of textures, patterns and styles for a unique look. Like other Zippo lighters the Armor is windproof, refillable and proudly made in the USA – Buy on Amazon.

TG Plasma Lighter | $15.99

TG Plasma EDC lighter
  • Fuel – Battery
  • Case – Silicone Rubber
  • Weight – 1.9oz
  • Color – Black

The TG Plasma Lighter uses an electric arc to set flammable objects alight and unlike your standard flame based lighter can be lit in strong wind or rain. A silicone rubber waterproof case adds to its ability to withstand adverse weather and after charging via USB cable you’re good for around 300 uses. Charge it up and incorporate it into your EDC – Buy on Amazon.

Tesla Coil Arc Lighter | $17.99

Tesla Arc Lighter
  • Fuel – Battery
  • Case – Stainless Steel
  • Weight – 3oz
  • Color – Various

Take charge with the Tesla Coil Arc Lighter, a stylish rechargeable electric lighter. With a full charge lasting up to 300 uses it’ll last for many days before requiring a charge via USB. As with all arc lighters it’s windproof and to keep you safe won’t light whilst the lid is closed – Buy on Amazon.

LCFUN Explorer Arc Lighter | $15.99

LCFUN Explorer EDC Lighter
  • Fuel – Battery
  • Case – Plastic
  • Weight – 1.8oz
  • Color – Various

Waterproof, windproof, flameless, USB rechargeable arc lighter plenty tough enough for EDC. Operation is as simple as releasing the latch, flipping open the lid, and pressing the igniter button. When fully charged the Explorer will provide about 2 hours of run time. It also comes with a thick lanyard so it can be carried around the neck – Buy on Amazon.

Colibri Rally Jet Lighter | $59.00

Colibri Jet Lighter
  • Fuel – Butane
  • Case – Metal
  • Weight – 2.8oz
  • Color – Various

The Colibri Rally is a jet flame lighter with an easy-to-use single-action ignition. The extra-large capacity fuel tank is transparent for quick fuel level readings and flame level is effortlessly adjusted with an oversized fuel adjuster wheel – Buy on Amazon.