Can using a fountain pen improve handwriting?

Fountain Pen Resting on Paper Notebook
Charlie Cooper / Updated: Apr 6th 2020 / Pens

Some people have nice handwriting and some people have handwriting that is harder to read than Japanese symbols for any non Japanese fluent people. Having good handwriting is something that is perceived to be a thing that you are just gifted with when you learn to write properly, and unable to be changed. For the most part that is correct, some people are just going to have bad handwriting and won’t ever be a part of team nice neat and clear handwriting. However just because your handwriting isn’t good, doesn’t mean you can’t try to improve it to at least make it a little better.

One way you can try to improve your handwriting can simply be just using a fountain pen.

The main components of handwriting are grip and posture. When writing you want a nice grip on the pen but not a death grip like a 2 year old with a crayon. Fountain pens are able to help improve grip, with less pressure needing to be placed for the ink to come out compared to its counter parts, whilst being more well balanced and comfortable to hold.

With them being better for grip they are also helpful with writing posture. Fountain pens advocate a more natural and comfortable writing posture, with most being manufactured to provide more smoothness whilst at a 30-60 degree writing angle with the paper.

The question being can they improve handwriting? The answer is yes they can but it’s not solely down to the pen change. As much as they certainly help, a fountain pen won’t drastically improve your handwriting over night, it’ll still take some dedication and hard work is required to change it. Picking up a fountain pen is a good start though!