Can paracord really save your life

Paracord Survival Ball
Charlie Cooper / Updated: Apr 6th 2020 / Paracord

When you look at the lightweight nylon kermantle rope that is paracord, the thought of ‘could this save my life’ most likely wouldn’t be running through your head. Yet this lightweight nylon kermantle rope is actually able to save your life in many ways. Most of the ways it can save your life are in outdoor survival situations.

When in a survival situation the rule of threes is important, 3 days without water, 3 weeks without food and 3 months without shelter. Despite being the one you can go without the longest shelter is one of the first things people look at making and paracord is easily able to be used for lashing logs together and tying knots. Paracord also helps within regards to food with it being handy for setting traps to catch large or small animals to eat for your survival. Not only good to catch wildlife, but the cord can also be crafted into a fishing rod with a stick and hook made from a bone, to catch fish to feast on.

With it being handy in regards to stopping you from starving and it also helps with your survival from potential hypothermia. Starting a fire to generate a source of heat amongst being able to cook food and boil water over, paracord can be fashioned as part of the bow in a bow drill fire assembly. With its flexibility it makes it easy for the bow to move back and forth, starting your fire easier.

Injuries are a common occurrence in survival situations, and paracord is a useful tool in these situations that can save a life. If someone or yourself sustains a traumatic injury and is bleeding a lot, the trusty cord can be used to fashion a tourniquet that can literally save their life. However, ensure there is some padding beneath the paracord tourniquet to prevent the injured person doesn’t potentially lose a limb.

Fashioning a sling, making a raft, constructing a stretcher and all of these above are ways that paracord can really save your life.