Which flashlight batteries last the longest

Various Battery Sizes
Charlie Cooper / Updated: Apr 6th 2020 / Flashlights

When purchasing batteries for a flashlight the first thing that people think of is the price, well people that aren’t really big outdoorsy humans will most likely just grab the cheaper ones. For the outdoor enthusiast, the first priority in their battery purchase is always longevity. The longer the batteries last the better, a simple theory, but what flashlight batteries last the longest?

Batteries are always advertised as long-lasting and you can’t blame them as to why would you advertise that your batteries last as long as a lit candle in the rain, but don’t necessarily buy into the advertisements hugely. A batteries longevity depends on what chemical component it is made of, whether it is a Silver Alkaline battery or a Lithium battery or a Lead Acid battery etc.

When it comes down to choosing a battery for your flashlight the first factor would be the size. You obviously need the correct size for your flashlight, as trying to fit a D battery into a AAA battery taking flashlight is like trying to fit an adult pig through a cat flap, not going to happen. Once you’ve got the correct size the next question goes into what chemical component do I choose.

In most regular AA batteries you will have the choice between Lithium or Alkaline. Out of the two Lithium tends to be the more expensive option, however, Lithium batteries have a longer shelf life and last longer than Alkaline batteries. Lithium batteries provide a high voltage which factors into their longevity however you will need to check if they will work with your flashlight as sometimes they’re too powerful for your device.

The brand of a battery can also factor into how long it will last, a study shown by students in Michigan, USA showed that Rayovac batteries last the longest with Energizer only just behind them. Regardless of what brand you select, Lithium batteries will last the longest for your flashlight and stay away from the cheap store value batteries, they won’t last long at all.