Handy types of tools that fit on a keychain

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Charlie Cooper / Updated: Apr 7th 2020 / Keychain

To have something be easily portable yet still rather organised is a thing so underrated that is easily made possible. When we look at something a lot of times we think it’s either not portable or not easily portable without taking up needless space in our pockets or our bags. However as much as it’s a case for many things that are as portable as a 52 inch TV, it’s possible for many other things that can become easily organised and portable by simply just putting on a keychain. Yes, a keychain.

A small simple keychain can make things more easily portable and organised, causing less unwanted pocket space and bag space being taken up. Obviously, not all tools will fit on a keychain, you won’t be able to carry your Dewalt drill around on your keychain, but there are an array of handy tools you can fit on a keychain.

One of the most versatile handy tools to have on your keychain is a multi-tool. The multi-tool is portable in size and certainly one of the most practical utility tools to have on your keychain. Filled with many tools such as scissors, a mini saw and knife, they are an ultra-handy tool to have on your keychain.

USB devices are another handy tool to have on your keychain. With them being small in size and easy to lose having them be a staple part of your key chain will help you never misplace it and always have it easily accessible to whip out and plug into your computer.

Next to your USB device, you should add a bottle opener keychain, an underrated tool that is very handy whenever bottles of drinks are being around. A simple but very effective thing to have on your that will make you everyone’s favourite person when consuming drinks with friends.

There are many other handy tools that fit on a keychain, such as a small flashlight, a mini lighter, a compass and even a Swiss Army Knife. Regardless of what you do with your keychain, remember there are an array of handy tools that will fit on your keychain.