How many lumens do you need for a flashlight

Flashlight Lumens Space
Charlie Cooper / Updated: Apr 6th 2020 / Flashlights

Lumens work in conjunction with flashlights and flashlights work in conjunction with lumens. They’re inseparable. Having one without the other is like playing Tennis with a baseball, it just doesn’t work. In this case, it literally doesn’t work. Lumens are an essential part of a flashlight, they are the light output measurement after all! Electrical items that are made to produce light, such as lightbulbs and obviously flashlights, need lumens in them.

So that leads us to the question of how many lumens do you need for a flashlight? Let’s look into it before the answer is dramatically revealed.

To look into it a bit more. Could you have a device with one lumen in it to see in pitch black? Yes, you could. However, the brightness won’t be enough to see in a long distance so undertaking tasks such as walking in the dark would be rather difficult and a one-lumen device would essentially be next to useless. For tasks such as using it to read a book it would be more effective for but obviously the brighter the better really.

To have a sort of light source where you can light up a bit of an area 10-30 lumens would do the trick and produce a little more light than a candle does. In a flashlight, it could also be useful for simple camping activities but only really helpful in pitch black situations. 10-30 lumens can be used for basic flashlights but it’s not the overall answer to the question how many lumens you need for a flashlight.

The overall final answer to the question would be 100 lumens. 100 lumens is the perfect amount and the standard now for a flashlight. It’s bright enough to blind attackers, to undertake all hiking and camping activities, to have as a headlight when cycling and to even check that there are no wild dinosaurs roaming in your medium-sized garden. 100 lumens also provides a run time of 5-10 hours when using 2x AA batteries.

100 lumens is the amount needed for an average standard flashlight but there are flashlights that have more in them for taking up more strenuous activities such as climbing huge mountains such as Ben Nevis.