How to make a notebook from scrap paper

DIY Paper Notebook
Charlie Cooper / Updated: Apr 6th 2020 / Notebooks

Paper notebooks are a glorious everyday carry. The relationship between a human and a paper notebook can blossom, resulting in potential sentiment to the owner.

Sentiment for your notebook will most likely not happen instantly, and indeed may not happen at all. A key factor in this could be the view of it as just a cheap thing you bought from your local discount store with little value. However there is a way that your notebook could become instantly sentimental to you and a thing you’ll be as proud of as your child coming 3rd in the egg and spoon race at their school sports day! That way is by making your own one.

Making your own paper notebook is easier than anticipated. You don’t even need to go buy a load of paper, scrap paper laying around in the workplace or at home is all you need paper wise!

To get started you will need to gather the scrap paper, scissors, cardboard, thread, and something sharp to poke holes through for the thread. First thing you need to do is cut your cardboard to the size you want to make the front and back cover, and then cut your paper down to fit the size of the cardboard.

After the cover, base and paper have been manufactured, you will need to punch holes in the paper and cardboard in preparation for the upcoming threading. When hole punching you will want to make a small, evenly spaced out, line of holes down the paper and the cardboard to put your thread through.

When threading through the holes, start of tying a small sturdy knot in the thread and begin threading in and out the holes. After completing threading, tie another knot in the bottom and boom there you have your own trusty paper notebook!

An easy task that will only take up to an hour of your time but leave you with a trusty notebook that may become sentimental to you!