How to make a simple paracord keychain

Paracord Keychain
Charlie Cooper / Updated: Apr 6th 2020 / Paracord

Parachute cord has a massive variety of uses from the very practical such as tying a hammock to a tree to its creative uses such as making a simple cute keychain for your keys or even your bag. With paracords flexibility and durability it makes it a great item to use for making accessories, enabling the cord to be contorted into more shapes and angles than a high school maths teacher could name, whilst not tearing or snapping.

To make a simple keychain and all you need are a lighter, some scissors, a key ring and obviously a bunch of paracord.

The first step to take is measuring and cutting the paracord into the length you would like your key chain to be. It is worth noting that it’s better to have too much cord and it be bigger than wanted, than not having enough and ending up with an atom sized key chain.

Once you’ve measured and cut the length you require, use the lighter to burn the mood the ends you cut off so no fraying happens. Fold it in half and then put the folded part through the key chain; bring the end pieces up around the keychain, through the loop at the top and pull tight so it stays firm on the key ring.

Now that the cord has been attached to the key chain it’s time to form its shape by doing the tricky part, weaving:

  • Roughly an index finger length from the loop, pinch the cord and loop the right side towards you and across the left hand side
  • With the left side, fold it over the right cord towards you and then through the back entrance of the loop you’ve made on the right hand side
  • Pull it tight then repeat and repeat and repeat until you’ve reached the key chain
  • Snip off any excess

And voila, you have your own paracord key chain!