How to make a temporary paper wallet

Folding Paper
Charlie Cooper / Updated: Apr 6th 2020 / Wallets

So the unfortunate thing has happened and your wallet has vanished like a wanted fugitive, whether it was stolen or lost, it is a major inconvenience. Being wallet-less means replacing the previous one and giving your newly homeless cards and cash a new humble abode; another major inconvenience.

What if the ordeal of being wallet-less can become less inconvenient? Well, it can be, all you need to do is grab some paper, scissors, tape and a pen and get your fold on!

The first step you need to take is to cut the paper down to roughly 22 by 28cm and then fold the paper into eighths. When folding into eighths start by folding the paper in half widthwise to form a crease, unfold the sheet and fold both edges to the middle, crease again and unfold again. Finally, fold it lengthwise, crease it and unfold it again.

After folding into eighths you will need to cut 1-inch slits into the creases that are lengthwise. Whilst completing this step, rotate the paper to have 3 vertical creases and 1 centre horizontal crease. Cut a 1-inch slit into the top and bottom vertical creases.

Once the cutting has been finished, maintain the orientation of the paper and fold the left edge towards the last vertical crease. Then fold the paper in half width-wise and sharpen the crease on the left-hand side with one of your nails and then do the same once you have brought the top and bottom narrow edges together.

Next, cut off the bottom left-hand corner and unfold the paper. Refold down the paper on every other flap created by the slits that were cut starting on the left-hand side. Create a gatefold in the paper and fold the paper in half along the centre vertical crease to make a slim rectangle, which you then need to sharpen with a fingernail again.

Finally, tuck the flaps into the wallet and fold the wallet in half and voila you have a temporary paper home for your cards and cash!