How to efficiently organise your keychain

EDC Keychain
Charlie Cooper / Updated: Apr 7th 2020 / Keychain

Organisation is a part of life that will always be a thing until the day we meet the being known as the grim reaper. It’s just one of life’s things that you either are great at or not so great at, but regardless of where you are on the scale of organisation we all do organise some things and have to organise.

When it comes to your keychain it should be something you have organised. Having what is known as a ‘tidy mess’ isn’t the greatest thing when it comes to keychains. They should be organised, and not only that, efficiently organised.

The biggest chore when it comes to opening a door is finding the key for it, regardless of if you have 50 keys or 5 key on your key chain it can still be a chore. One way to make this less of a chore is to simply get rid of the keys of your main keychain that you rarely use, like the set of keys that opens up the plant pot safe that you never store anything in. Get rid of them and it’ll be a tiny bit less of a chore but organising them in a memorable fashion will make it not even a chore.

If you have a variety of non-key based items on your keychain, utilise them in organising your keys by day putting your house keys in between your key ring and a mini flashlight, and your work keys in between the flashlight and the bottle cap opener. Having them in a set order will make it easier for you to grab what you need without even thinking.

If your keychain is getting too cluttered maybe think of getting two keychains and either carrying them around separate or connected by a carabiner keychain. Maybe put your more important tools and keys on one and the lesser-used ones on the other. Separation of them will be key to the organisation, too much clutter and it becomes unorganised.

Regardless of how you want to layout your keychain, always start off by completely clearing everything off the keychain and then reattach individually. Going back to square one and starting over is the most efficient way of organising your keychain.