Leather vs fabric wallet – which should you choose?

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Charlie Cooper / Updated: Apr 6th 2020 / Wallets

Buying a wallet can be as stressful as trying to file your taxes an hour before the deadline. From the outside looking in, buying a wallet looks rather simple and just a case of exclaiming ‘oh that one’s pretty’ and happily bouncing to the checkout to make the purchase of your new wallet official. In reality it’s not that simple. Many thoughts get pondered when deciding which wallet will belong in your pocket for the next few years, from size and shape, to colour, to the style and the most stressful of them all, leather or fabric.

Deciding between leather or fabric is seismic. Which one you choose impacts all the other decisions that come into play when choosing a wallet, hence the stressful nature.

Out of the two, leather wallets are the most popular and can be seen like a right of passage to some people. Generally considered the more sophisticated wallet due to its clean finish that often looks more aesthetically pleasing with age, leather as a material is very durable and will be your trusty companion for years to come, easily sliding in and out of your pocket like wallets of this type do. With it being the more popular material there tends to be significantly more options to choose from in most stores.

Leather wallets are great but don’t discount fabric wallets. Despite being a less durable material, it’s a less bulky one and also tends to be rather water resistant. There may be less options in-store but there are more options for style with a variety of colours and designs compared to the standard browns, beige and blacks that leather provides. Not to mention they are generally a much cheaper option!

In summary, it’s all down to personal preference and what you personally want – both having many pros and cons that should be considered. Choose wisely!