What are plasma lighters & how do they work?

Plasma Lighter
Charlie Cooper / Updated: Apr 6th 2020 / Lighters

Picture the scene, it’s a warm sunny day, the birds are singing, the sky is clear, you have a can of your favourite beverage in your hand and life is good. You’re sitting there in your bliss, soaking everything in and you pull out a trusty cigarette to spark up and add to your zen. But as soon as you press down on the lighter or open the case, no flame comes up, just a load of sparks. Your zen is ruined, you’re now slightly miffed all because of your lighter failing on you.

What if you were told this problem would be a non entity? You could’ve enjoyed this cigarette and maintained the zen, by simply replacing that lighter with a plasma lighter!

In true fruition to its state of matter, plasma, plasma lighters are very forgotten about and to some a thing they’ve never heard of. Essentially it’s a fuel-less lighter that replaces a gas flame with, well, plasma. Plasma lighters provide many more benefits compared to a traditional lighter. Benefits such as being flame-less, meaning you won’t be able to burn yourself , and not having to worry about wind being a factor in the lighting process with the plasma being wind proof. Also plasma is much stronger which makes it easier to light up your cigarettes, whilst only having to worry about running out of charge compared to running out of gas.

The intriguing part however is how the lighter works. Plasma lighters work along the same lines as lightning does, however obviously not as large as lightning and 100% safe due to having an extremely low current. A high electrical current passes through two nodes that cause a creation of highly charged plasma. With the highly charged plasma, it begins to generate heat that will light the object and thus let you smoke away with more ease!