Practical reasons to carry a lighter besides smoking

Cigarette Lighter Flame
Charlie Cooper / Updated: May 18th 2020 / Lighters

Lighters and cigarettes go hand in hand like stress and university dissertation deadlines. They’re the best of friends – life for them without each other is rather difficult and inconvenient. They’re just better together than apart, well from the cigarettes point of view mainly. You can smoke using a different flame producing material such as matches, but a lighter is just more convenient. Lighters on the other hand are convenient for multiple things and not just to light up your ciggy faster!

Lighters produce flame, unless you have a plasma lighter, and flames can produce fire (obviously) which is one of the keys to survival. In a survival situation, or in a general outdoorsy overnight trip, having a fire is very important not just for the sake of having a nice wee campfire singalong but for actual survival. Your fire provides heat, light, a thing to cook over all of which are very essential. Having a lighter on you in that situation is very practical as it’s much easier and faster to light a fire with a lighter in comparison to using matches, a flint and steel or simply using materials that cause sparks with friction. Lighters are easier to spark up and can last longer than matches would do.

Even if you’re not an outdoorsy person, carrying a lighter for non-smoking purposes is still practical for you. They can be used for sorting out frays on your clothes and especially your shoe laces; having a lighter on you can mould the annoying shoe lace fray into a more functional shape to fit through the eyelets. At parties a lighter is handy for when your friend needs their bottled beverage to be opened with a bottle opener but there’s none available – yes, a lighter can be used for this purpose.

Even down to simple tasks such as lighting a candle during a power cut or just being the nice guy that can provide a lighter to smokers who have not got one them, lighters are a practical EDC that can come in rather handy.