Reasons why you should buy a Swiss made watch

Swiss Watch
Charlie Cooper / Updated: Apr 6th 2020 / Watches

Chocolate, Swiss Army Knives, being neutral and watches, all things that the sensational country of Switzerland are famous for. A nation that exports more quality in their products than a box of Quality Streets chocolates in the U.K. In terms of buying products, when the words ‘Swiss Made’ are applied to it, it makes the product more valuable due to the known refined quality it will possess. Swiss Made things aren’t shoddy things that you can care as much as you care about an old handbag, they’re things of value and should be treated with great care. Especially with a Swiss Made watch.

A Swiss Made watch is the crème de la crème of watches, all the top quality watches come with the Swiss Made tag, from your Rolexes to your Omega’s and obviously your Swatches. It’s really safe to say that the most luxurious watches are Swiss Made. But why should you buy one?

Swiss Made watches and products, in general, are actually a legal tag given in Switzerland and not just something branded for purposes of marketing. For a watch and any product to gain this title, it needs to pass a set of inspections that include the manufacturer carrying out the final inspection of the watch in the country.

Swiss Made watches also possess handcrafted metal gears that can be serviced in comparison to standard watches that are made from plastic parts. With this in mind, Swiss Made watches can be insured for a lifetime.

With having high-grade strong steel in 316L surgical steel, Swiss Made watches are the least likely to sustain wear and tear which makes them the best watches to pick up a second hand without having to worry about the amount of damage to it. These watches also are typically made with their ‘face’ being made of sapphire crystal which makes them very scratch resistant.

Any Swiss Made watch boasts an incredible amount of longevity and quality within it, making it a type of watch that you should add to your collection!