Reasons why you should carry a paper notebook

Laptop & a Paper Notebook
Charlie Cooper / Updated: Apr 6th 2020 / Notebooks

Having a companion with you wherever you go is great regardless if human, animal or simply an object such as a paper notebook. Literally a small paper notebook can make a great companion. Yep a simple book filled with paper can become your Robin!

For many people, especially the creative minded, the business minded and the organised people, a notebook is already their trusty sidekick companion following them around everywhere everyday. As soon as you start to carry a notebook around it’ll become a part of you, without it you’ll feel naked.

There are many reasons why you should carry a paper notebook, not just because Bill Gates and Richard Branson carry them, although that is a cool reason to start!

Paper notebooks are a great tool to use to help out our memory. No matter how great your memory is or can be, it’s not that reliable. You never know when a bright idea will hit that you want to remain in your head, if you just whip out the old trusty notebook and write it down you won’t forget it! A simple thing to do that can also be very beneficial to mental health.

It’s known that writing and journaling in general can help combat anxiety and depression. Even just doodling can be a combat to it, being off your phone and taking a little time to write or doodle will go along way with your mental clarity. You may not have much time in your day to do this but if you’re ever killing time, why not write or doodle instead of scroll through Instagram?

Paper notebooks are useful tools for everything, not just for creativeness and can literally be used for anything from budgeting to a simple shopping list. An easy thing to carry around that will become an unforgettable everyday carry item. Regardless of what you would use one for, why not head to your local store and pick one up, it’ll be worth it!