4 Reasons you should wear a nice watch

Nice watch on Man's Wrist
Charlie Cooper / Updated: Jun 2nd 2020 / Watches

It’s really a wonder how watches survived the evolution of technology. Internet killed the radio, movie subscriptions are now starting to replace movie channels, and smartphones replaced mobile phones. With technologies replacing each other, it’s really amazing that watches are still an integral part of human economic and social life.

Is wearing a nice watch still significant? This article today will cover the reasons to wear a watch. Be on your toes because some of them will surprise you.

Wearing A Nice Watch Raises Self Esteem

Self-esteem is attributed to many things such as looks, social status, and many others. In connection with this, wearing a nice watch may boost belief in oneself to some degree. People say that wearing a nice watch makes them more professional or in control of their schedules. At the same time, a nice watch may also give the aura of glamor. Wear designer edition watches and you’ll see what I mean.

A Nice Watch Improves Performance At Work

Have you ever wondered why office workers can’t live without their watches? Turns out, a study published in 2015 shows that there is a direct correlation between wearing watches and individual performance at work. Researchers observed that people who regularly wear watches arrive earlier at appointments.

In connection with this study, wearing a nice watch will help you follow a routine with more vigilance. Doing so will help you keep track of your schedules. Wearing a quality timepiece will make you more organized and efficient at the workplace.

Romance is More Likely to Happen If You Have A Watch

People get attracted to others because of physical attributes, mannerisms, or wealth. Still, even though there are no studies investigating it yet, wearing a watch might be another factor that may be the reason why individuals become emotionally attracted to each other. If you think about it, wearing an expensive watch will give people the impression that you’re wealthy. Also, a nice watch makes various fashion statements complete.

So if you want to look more attractive, wear a nice watch that complements your style. Avoid wearing a watch that stands out too much because it will make you look awkward. Do this and people will notice you.

Wearing A Watch Makes You Look More Matured

Wearing a nice watch every now and then will make you look more mature. Watch is a symbolic representation of responsibility or commitments. In the past, it is common for parents to gift their sons and daughters with expensive watches after graduating from college. By giving a nice watch to their kids, parents are implying that their children must be ready to support themselves and stay true to their undertakings.

You can tell people that you’re ready to live by yourself by wearing a nice watch. Doing so will give people the impression that you’re ready to invest your time and effort into useful things.


Wearing a nice watch will complete you as an individual. For it to be meaningful, consider wearing a watch that you feel connected to because of its color, design, or brand. The ultimate purpose of wearing a watch is to remind you that time is gold. Always remember that time spent doing nothing is time wasted.