Everyday things to do with a pocket knife

Pocket Knife Slicing
Charlie Cooper / Updated: Apr 6th 2020 / Knives

Your pocket knife is truly a handy tool. Here are some things to do with a pocket knife in real life situations.

You can open a package.

This is one of the key uses for a pocket knife. You likely get several packages delivered to your home or work. The pocket knife will help you to open the packages quickly and efficiently. To prevent the residue of the tape from making your knife sticky, you can opt to cut the cardboard of the package rather than the tape.

You can slice some fruit.

If you are eating an apple or some other fruit, you may prefer to slice it instead of biting it. Then your pocket knife will be the handy tool for the job. The pocket knife will glide through the fruit effortlessly.

If you have a splinter, use your pocket knife to remove it.

It is highly understandable that you hate getting a splinter. It can hurt and it is also not very convenient. Those nasty splinters usually will not come out unless you use something to help get them out.That is where a pocket knife can prove to be rather handy.

In order to remove the stubborn splinter from your finger, you should ensure that the blade is placed on one side of the splinter and that your finger is placed on the other side. Sometimes it may be necessary to dig some in order to remove it if the splinter is being difficult. It is always a good idea to use some alcohol for sterilizing the blade beforehand in order to prevent any infection in your finger.

Your pocket knife is great for whittling.

If you have been craving a project to do, you can use your pocket knife to make something amazing out of wood. You can then give the item as a gift to someone. Or you may even get so good at whittling that your stuff would be nice to sell to make a nifty side income.

You can use your pocket knife to trim your hair.

Are your bangs getting too long and bothersome? Or do you have a piece of hair that seems longer than the others and makes your hair look straggly? Then you can bring out your pocket knife to trim those pieces of hair.

You can use your knife to create holes for drainage.

If you love plants, that is great. But those plants that come in those cheap plastic pots from the store can have the inconvenience of not providing any holes in the bottom for the water to drain out when you water the plants. And if you don’t want the messy and bothersome task of transplanting the plants to other pots that do have holes, you can simply use your knife to make some holes in the bottom of the pot for drainage.

In addition, if you happen to buy some grapes or cherries from the supermarket, you can make some holes in the bottom of the bag, so that the bag then acts as a makeshift colander. You then can wash the fruit right in the bag and the excess water will drain off with no problem.