Things to do with a carabiner keychain

Carabiner Keychain
Charlie Cooper / Updated: Apr 7th 2020 / Keychain

For all climbers and rope savvy people, carabiners are a way of life. For those that don’t have carabiner in their dictionary of words they know, it’s a specialised shackle that is a metal loop with a spring-loaded gate that is easy to attach to things. In the climbing and ropes savvy world they’re what supports you on a rope and can keep you safe, but carabiners aren’t just things used to keep you safe and attach you to something, they can also be keychains.

Carabiner keychains are more than just your simple key chain, they are more versatile and durable than a standard metal keychain with that, there an endless amount of things you can do with one!

Attaching keys is the most obvious thing you can do with a carabiner keychain but it doesn’t mean you have to keep them in your pocket though. With the spring-loaded gate and sheer durability of a carabiner key chain, you can attach your keys to your waist loops on your jeans and easily detach them, literally keeping your keys on you. If you have two sets of keys on a keychain you can use the carabiner to clip those two sets of keys together.

Carabiner key chains are also useful for any outdoor enthusiast, from clipping anything such as a flashlight to a bag to attaching a water bottle to your bag, to using it to hang your sleeping bag up to help tighten your tent ropes up whilst camping. A small accessory to have that will provide a lot of help whilst in the outdoors.

The opportunities for usage of a carabiner keychain are endless. Anything that requires hanging things up you can use the keychain for, like hanging up a plant, wasp traps and a removable clothesline. You can use it to create a 3 ring binder, hold signs up on a fence or a gate, use as decorative items and for organising anything. Carabiner keychains are a true life hack you can do countless things with.