Things to look for in a tactical flashlight

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Charlie Cooper / Updated: Apr 6th 2020 / Flashlights

When investing in a tactical flashlight, a lot of thought goes into it and a lot of thought is definitely needed when purchasing one as they are an investment compared to buying your standard regular flashlight. Tactical flashlights have a lot more technology and specifications to them, they’re generally much higher quality and have a lot more things you need to look for when purchasing. That being a given especially what makes a tactical flashlight a tactical flashlight is the fact it partners a firearm. Anything that is in conjunction with a firearm is going to be of a higher quality and filled with many more specifications.

When purchasing a tactical flight light you need to really look for is how heavy it is. A tactical flashlight is something you should carry around with you so it’s important it’s comfortable and rather lightweight, you don’t want it to become a burden to carry because of its general weight.

Tactical flashlights go along hand in hand with defending yourself, with them working in conjunction with weapons, the ability to defend yourself with one is important. You don’t need to go buy a knife and duck tape it to the flashlight to make some form of a baronet, just look for your new flashlight to have a strobe mode. Having an instantly accessible powerful strobe function is handy non-lethal way to defend yourself.

It’s hugely important your tactical flashlight is durable and reliable which thankfully most are by it being build from aircraft-grade aluminium alloy. As well as durability you need to ensure it uses an LED lighting source. LED light sources are much brighter than older style light sources and illuminate for a longer time whilst also using less energy in the process.

Always make sure you thoroughly look through a range of tactical flashlights and check for all these things when browsing for your new flashlight.