Ways to use a notebook effectively

Black Pen & Paper Notebook
Charlie Cooper / Updated: Apr 6th 2020 / Notebooks

Notebooks are an effective and confident thing to carry around with you at all times. You never know when a bright idea will flood through your brain like a flash flood and you just have to write it down before you ultimately forget. Or when a simple thing you just remembered you have to get or do comes back into your head. Or when you simply want to just write, journal or doodle. Notebooks will be an effective tool to have on you, but is there a way to effectively use a notebook?

The simple answer is yes, there are ways to notebook effectively and that maybe you should think about doing.

A simple yet very effective note booking technique is to just date whenever you make an entry, regardless of what it is. Dating each entry keeps a consistent flow to your note booking, can trackback to an idea by filtering through to the date and helps you organise your notebook. Once you get really into using a notebook many people date the front of the book when they make their first entry and date the final entry on the front as well, creating a timeline amongst your notebooks.

The organisation if your notebook is key to effective use. When using your notebook you will want to keep it organised regardless of how messy your thoughts and what you put into your notebook are. In between entries, it’s best to leave a couple of lines to space everything out so things don’t get jumbled together and you can make the book look cleaner.

Keeping useful things inside the notebook is an effective technique. By that don’t keep things in there that aren’t useful past the day you wrote it in. Things like shopping lists aren’t needed to be kept in the notebook unless you fancy going back a few months to see what you needed to buy that day, and you can easily just tear those pages out leaving only the important stuff inside the notebook.