What is EDC? A beginners guide to Everyday Carry

EDC Gear on Desk
Charlie Cooper / Updated: Apr 6th 2020 / Everyday Carry

When you leave the house what do you always take with you? Your phone? Your multi-tool device? Your collection of gothic polly pockets? Regardless of what it is you always carry on you, it falls under the category of EDC: Everyday Carry. EDC is the items you carry about on you or in a bag on a consistent everyday basis. They are the items you simply would feel completely naked without having on you.

For most people, those unforgettable items would be their phone and wallet, the two most common EDC items. However it’s different from person to person, it’s all depending on the personality of that person and what they typically do. Everyday carry items tend to commonly be items of use and practicality, so your collection of gothic polly pockets wouldn’t really count as EDC unfortunately however if you want to carry that around then feel free.

Everyday carry items prepare a lot of people for their day or in scenarios that item can become more useful than what it already is. For every member of the EDC community, their items are built upon utility and being prepared. Common items that are found on people’s EDC are, their phone, wallet, watch, a pen, notebook, pocket knife (if able to carry one in your country) and a pocket flashlight. All which serve a purpose regardless of if even used every day.

Everyday carry is a practical thing that everyone should start making a part of their everyday life. The advantages of EDC are numerous with the only downside to it being heavy pockets, regardless it’s one of the most simple things to start doing that can become super useful down the line. You never know when you may just need a multi-tool to make a quick fix upon an item!