What is paracord and what can it be used for?

Charlie Cooper / Updated: Apr 6th 2020 / Paracord

Parachute cord, more commonly known as Paracord, is a multi purpose service cord that was primitively used in the suspension lines of parachutes – no points to anyone that was able to guess that! This lightweight nylon kernmantle rope can be described as the Swiss Army Knife of cords for its versatility. The cord itself is nylon constructed, making it rather elasticated and easily used in many scenarios.

Despite the cord being famous for its use in parachutes, it’s able to be used from simple day to day items such as a zipper pull to more complex items such as an improvised bore snake to clean your weapons, if you possess them. Paracord is more practical than a spatula is for an Australian BBQ, most uses however are very helpful to an outdoorsy person that may or not be a budding Bear Grills!

Paracord is incredible for survival situations, with it being even sturdier than rope; anything that requires tying down and lashing together, paracord will become your best friend. You are even able to make a hammock from it and tie down your tarpaulin over your new hammock just from the adaptable cord, whilst also being able to lace your boots up with the stuff. It’s an amazingly useful item to have as a resource whilst in the great outdoors.

From making a bull whip to a hunting spear, from making a rucksack more secure when the buckles break to replacing a drawstring cord in your gym bag, Paracord has more uses and variety than your countries version of America’s Got Talent. A truly impeccable item to have accessible in your everyday life, even if it is simply have as a cute homemade bracelet to make your work colleagues envious and begging you to make one for them.